As is the case with any wizard story wands occure frequenty in the Barry Trotter books. Wands are essential in the casting of most magic spells. They can be twirled, pointed, flung, and slashed. Wands take time to warm up in the morning, doing variations of spells instead of the intended one. Say you wanted to turn someone into a cat. You would turn them into a cab and a can first. Wands also come with apps as demonstrated when Barry used the Theasuarus app while writing a poem to Bea. Lastly wands have counters on them to tell you how much magic you have. For more information on where magic comes from check out Magical Theory. In the third book Barry is seen using his wand as a phone to call Dr.Ritalin. Nigel Trotter has training wheeles on his wand but I doubt that it helps. Wands can be purchased at the Wand Depot and Catty Corner.