The Order of The Penis has meetings every friday night in the secret room of recreation. Every week somebody has to conjure their contestant for the worlds worst beer and another member has to bring dirty movies. There is a counter on the wall (the movies are projected) and everybody makes bets on on their guess for when actual penetration occurs. The winner dosn't have to drink anymore beer and the person with the worst guess has to take the rest of the beer home. The founding members are Barry Trotter, Ermine Cringer, Lonald Measly, Ferd and Jorge Measly, Lee Jardin, and Shamlus O'stereotype. Obviously a penis is not required to be a member, just a functioning liver as Ermine is a founding member. The guys think it's extremly cool that Ermine's so comfortable watching dirty movies with them and joking about it. Ermine allways brings the raunchiest movies.