The Grand Hall (parody of the Great Hall) is where the students of Hogwash dine on institutional grade food in the shadowy half-light of chandeliers; thankfully it's so dim you usually can't see what you're eating. The "food" at Hogwash undergoes a rigorous process of being boiled, fried and steamed. It's then covered with an orange sauce to completely whatever trace of flaver might have survived the process. Most of the meat for the "meals" largely consist of student's familiers stolen from the Owlteria. Aside from their lack of flavour and stolen meats the food is also highly unsanitary. The house elves that prepare the food don't bother with washing their hands and don't care to pick up the cigarett butts that fall into the soup. Then there's Fistuleta - the half-giant lunch lady. Under her forceful glare many students have swallowed their cigarett-and-mashed potatoes against their better judgement. This,however, does not fully illustrate the chaos of mealtimes. Students are constantly throwing spells as well as food, breaking furnature and bewitching the staff (who gave up trying to maintain order a long time ago). Breakfast is even worse due to the raining of feathers and mites from the owls trying to deliver mail to their owners. Students go into a frenzy covering their plates and bowls from the falling owl debris. Barry said "Owls were a filthy way to deliver mail." After the hectic mealtimes, unbeknownst to Hogwesians, water flows from pipes in the walls sweeping upbroken furniture, debris and the occasional sleeping student. All of this is then carried to a drain in the middle of the floor and down into the incinerator. The Grand Hall is also used for the Picking Ceremony, You'll Ball, and the annual Halloween party