Magic is made from the conjoining of three things- Wha?, desire and irresponsability. Wha? is that special confused energy that when coupled with desire creats magical abillity. As demonstrated in the third Barry Trotter book magic can't be done by the responsable. You have to be a completly irresponsable person to work magic. All together this explains why muddles don't like wizards: Their confused, they want things, and they don't care about what or who they have to do to get what they want. Personally speaking I love wizards. There is also another part of magical theory that I feel I should add, this one also explaining wizards' behavior. Every time a wizard casts a spell, brews a potion, or uses a magical item it releases a vibration. With every vibration the wizard gets a little crazier. Eventually too many vibrations will turn your brain to mush. This is called Trotter syndrom which Barry resents. Wands are commonly used to channel magic. Spells are greatly weakened over the phone.