Jorge Measly, twin brother to Ferd Measly, is a prankster at heart. Having graduated from Hogwash at seventeen he either destrois buildings or works for the FDA cursing cigaret packets. While at hogwash Ferd and Jorge (both in Grittyfloor) spent a lot of time pulling pranks on the students and the faculty. Once they put a mouse in Mrs. Mcgoogle's office. She turned into a cat and pounced on it. It exploded and she soiled herself in shock. This is possiably the last prank that drove Mrs.Mcgoogle insane. Ermine left because as she put it "Desent into madness is a privite moment". Ferd and Jorge also created a large line of sweets that had hillarious effects on the consumers such as Flood o' Drools, Diarreha Creams, Blink Blockers, Spastic Rolls, Dandruff Babies, Fire-breathing Lolliepops and much, much more. In their fifth year they fed some truffels to some first years causing monarch butterflies to fly out of their bottoms. Barry said it was glorious. Before they left Hogwash they stashed the rest of their crazy confections behind the statue of the one eyed wizard. A third year found their stash and it ended up with Zed Grimfood. For a few years Ferd and Jorge lived in a revolting apartment in New york and enjoyed playing Quiddit for Ty's bar in Astral park. After they rescued J.G. from Fantastic used the money she gave them to get a nicer appartment. Jorge is a founding member of the Order of the Penis. Befor the Barry Trotter books the twins primary claim to fame was crop circles, something even muddles had to notice.Jorge is a founding member of the order of the penis Jorge Measly is the parody of Gorge Weasly.


Ferd Measly (twin)

Prissy Measly (older brother)

Lonald Measly (younger brother)

Genitle Measly (younger sister)

Author Measly (father)

Barry Trotter (friend)

Ermine Cringer (friend)

Lee Jardin (friend)