"Sir Godawfle Grittyfloor was surely empowered to sniff out the telltale scent of a coward."- The Picking Cap's rap

Grittyfloor is a house at Hogwash. Started by sir Godawfle Grittyfloor this house is for cowards. There is an anicent non-sweeping spell on the house (dating back to the begining of Hogwash) keeping the floor dirty enough to live up to it's name. The entrance to the common room is behind a portrait. To enter you have to say " I see London, I see france," then the lady in the painting will pull up her skirt and you can crawl through. The house color is red and it's students are called Grittyflavins. Its rival house is Silverfish and its head of house is Mrs.Mcgoogle.

Known Grittyflavins

Barry Trotter

Ermine Cringer

Lonald Measly

Ferd Measly

Jorge Measly

Lee Jardin

Shamlus O'stereotype

Prissy Measly

Nigel Trotter