Flatulent Fanny is a ghost who haunts the upper south girls bathroom where she passes gas for all of eternity. In 1952, when she was alive, Fanny was lactose intolerant and some fifth years hid a huge chunk of cheese in her diner. Fanny ran to the upper south girls toilet and farted until she died. In death she got her revenge on the bullies, following each of them in turn she farted so much the stench was visible. The only way to escape the horrific odor was to take their own life. Fanny now resides in the bathroom where she died and it is a favorite prank, ironicly, for bullies to lock first years in her bathroom. Students have been known to conjure non-flushable items and shove them down her toilets. Fanny threatened that if this did not stop the whole school would "taste her wrath". Flatulent Fanny is the parody of Moaning Myrtle.