"I wanna be extra virgin, like the olive oil."- Ermine saving herself.

Ermine Cringer is a muddle born witch and best friend of Barry Trotter and Lonald Measly. She is a very sensible no-nonsense type of person. She is a graduate from Hogwash School of Wizardy and Witchcrap and former grittyflavin. She is a very bright witch and is a bit of a know-it-all; he brains sometimes getting in the way of her sense of humor. Once she graduated from Hogwash she became a teacher at St.Hillary's. She has always had a bit of a flare in Zoology but is adept at all magic. Aside from being very senseable and cautious she does seem to share a small bit of personallity with Barry and is not above using deception or calling someone a wanker. In her fifth year she got her heart broken. When she was ready to make Victor Krumb her first she caught him in bed with another girl at the You'll Ball. Once this happened Ermine was done saving herself, for any man, and is now garunteed to sleep with at least two guys every adventure. When Ermine gets drunk she becomes an exhibitionist, showing her body to everyone around her. After the quest to stop the Barry Trotter movie she and Barry decided to get married and had kids: Nigel and Fiona Trotter. Fiona being mostly magical (she gets that from her mom) and Nigel being mostly muddle. There are some situations where magic is involved and Ermine turns purly muddle ("Ooh it's magical" said Ermine. "Ooh it's stupid" said Barry). After some time she became the Headmistriss of Hogwash and strived to make it more modern. Ermine never has much money and it is unknown weather or not she paid off her student loans. Before his accident Lon and Ermine had a fling. On her husbands birthday every year she slips him some Maturi-tea to help calm him down. Drugging your spouse is a big no no but Ermine belives that every couple plays by their own rules. Then she goes out of her way to make sure Barry has a great birthday because it's a sensative time for Barry. Ermine is very nosey and likes to interfear with other peoples relationships. She's the type of person who eats of other peoples plates, her parents are actually wholistic dentists. They don't make alot of money because they refuse to remove a tooth from its natural habbitat. Ermine Cringer is the parody of Hermine Granger. Micheal Gerber once said out of the whole series she's the only character he'd trust with his car keys.


Barry Trotter (best friend/husband)

Lonald Measly (best friend)

Nigel Trotter (son)

Fiona Trotter (daughter)

Ferd Measly (friend)

Jorge Measly (friend)