Dragons apear constantly throughout the series. As in most works of literature they are giant, flying, fire-breathing lizards. When dragons drink it seems to increase their fire power - espesially if they have a hangover. They enjoy playing games with muddle airplanes, such as trying to see how hot they can heat up the jets without them exploding. A dragon's greatest weakness is it's thighs. To quote Barry "Dragons are very sensative about their weight, so if you point at a dragons thighs and say, 'I can see every cupcake you've ever eaten', they will start to sob. And they can't cry and breath fire at the same time because of wet sinuses." Panthers can scare away dragons by releasing a great belch, as Ermine once taught her students. There is a rare type of dragon called a Welsh Rarebit that breathes hot cheese instead of flame.


Barry spotted two Irish whisky-breaths heating up jet engines on their way to J.G. Rollins mansion. He used the Cumulous spell to turn them both into clouds. While walking Bea home to Hogsbleede they spotted a dragon pulling a sign that said "Eat more myrr!". Bea mistook it for an aeroplane.

Dragon Breeds

  • Irish Whisky-breath
  • Connecticut Blueblood
  • Newark Needletail
  • Welsh Rarebit