Strong men melted away; hairy men grew bald; obnoxiouos men grew quiet. - Barry on Aztalan

Aztalan is the cruel prison of the wizarding world. Able to break the minds of men Aztalan is Hell on earth (in the form of a Meso-American amusement park lovingly guarded by a shadowy group called the La Raza). They feed the inmates tons of delecious, very greasy, jalapeno-filled food but nothing to drink. When the prisoners beg for relief they're given Mexican tap water - then they were made to ride the rides. The guards made them ride the nauseating rides in the stifeling heat until prisoners vomited. This constant cycle of spicey food, stiffling heat, nauseating rides and Mexican tap water has made Aztalan worse then any regular prison. After years of torture every inmate died from the mental and physical abuse. Serious Belch is the only person ever to have escaped Aztalan. He survived so many years by always sitting in the front cart (you don't get shook as much) and never drinking the water. He only drank Tamarind soda and sangria a bribed guard brought him. One morning he used a secret shrinking spell to make himself a mite shorter. Being too short to ride the rides, the guards let him go. There is also a minimum detention wing of Aztalan which is more like a hotel for the slightly naughty.