The A.U.K.s stands for Accumulation of Useless Knowledge. In their fifth year every Hogwash student takes the A.U.K.s which decides which classes they can continue taking. This in turn decides which jobs they would be qualified for so the A.U.K.s is a big deal. In their seventh year students take the W.E.T.s (Wizards Equivilancy Test) which tests them on the classes they continued taking after the A.U.K.s. This still makes the A.U.K.s more important then the W.E.T.s because it limits the classes you can take thus limmiting the jobs you can apply for. One year A.U.K. scores were so low that the board of trustees felt obliged to put some of the students to death. Barry was forced to skip a certain number of classes in his fifth year so, as Bumblemore put it, as not to spread his stupid around. Genitlemancy is not a tested subject on the A.U.K.s, possibly because it is hereditary and cannot be taught.